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Foreclosed / Lender Owned Properties / REO's For Sale

We are in the process of listing an abundance of Lender Owned Properties / REO's (Real Estate Owned) homes for sale. These homes are priced SO far below market value we know you'll be thrilled to view them.

Here's the deal on how and why we can do 100% financing even in today's market where
NO BANK can do, or will do 100% financing anymore:

These properties are owned by a group of private investors who have millions of dollars to loan and HAVE loaned. Like most other lenders today, they have had to, unfortunately, foreclose on many properties and take back ownership.

So now, these homes are undergoing absolutely gorgeous remodels and being put back on the market for
WAY below market value and are move-in ready.

Of course, investors are always welcome to view inventory at any time or at any phase.

The difference between a BANK OWNED property and a LENDER OWNED property and why we're different

When a bank forecloses on a home and puts it back on the market to sell, the Buyer still has to qualify for a loan in a Conventional manner or with an FHA loan. As you probably already know, the lending crises makes it very, very difficult to obtain a loan without good credit, a sizable down payment and other factors. FHA loans are great loans, but since they have taken away the down payment assistance with FHA/AmeriDream, it's even harder to buy a home if you don't have that 3% down. And, beginning January 1, 2009, the down payment requirement for FHA went from 3% to 3 1/2 %. If you have that, GREAT! You can buy a home. If you don't, that's where we can help.

Our private lenders can and WILL finance you with excellent terms at 100% financing. Of course, you will still have to qualify by proving you can afford the payment. Your credit will still be pulled, you will have to fill out a 1003 Uniform Residential Application, show proof of income and job status, 12 months worth of rental receipts, bank statements and 2-years of tax rwturns. Simply put, if you can afford the payment, you will be granted the loan.

Even if you have your own financing lined up, you may want to take a serious look at our inventory as the prices will blow your mind. What you will be able to purchase will be far greater in value than most, if not all listings out there.

If you have poor credit, no credit or questionable credit does not necessarily mean you will be denied. Just like a bank would have done when they were giving loans, you might get a littler higher interest rate depending on the variables involved, but here's some MORE GREAT NEWS ... You can rebuild your credit, and, if and when you wish, with NO RESTRICTIONS as to how long you've had your loan with these private lenders, you can go elsewhere and refinance your loan if you wish! NO Prepayment penalties EVER.

At the prices these properties are being sold for, a Buyer, at his or her desired time, is welcome to obtain their own financing in order to refinance to whatever other terms desired (if any), while maintaining  a strong equity position. Although nobody can ever predict values as no one has a crystal ball, the prices of these homes are so low, we're confident you'll be making a terrific investment for your future!


Bottom line: Just like banks, they have a lot of inventory on their books with more coming, literally, daily. They need to sell them so they are willing to let these homes go for prices that are so far below market value just to move their inventory. The prices are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! You must see it to believe it!

In the next few days, you will see the more, current, active listings, a list of properties about to be listed and more! There will also be a LOT more information on this topic, how we do business so please bookmark us and come back!

List of Foreclosed Properties For Sale

35 Phoenix Historical Homes Districts

Laura B. Historic Phoenix Homes Specialist. Phoenix, AZ. Member PAR, NAR, AAR, ARMLS. EEOC

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